Animated Title Sequence


Notice the choices involved? Choice of color, size, lines, all the things that make Typography an art form.


Students will create an Animated Title for their two minute movie trailer using the title of their TV show or movie that has been painted and designed first in Photoshop. Watch this student created intro on YouTube to get some idea of what is possible…

Here is every Marvel title ever made:

Starting in Adobe Photoshop

Open a new document that has these dimensions:

Animated Title


Make sure your new document has  a transparent background! this is important.



Use the Type Tool in Photoshop to create a brand new layer and type, then edit your new title using all of the options the Type Tool has to offer. Rasterize your type layer. Now choose the Free Transform option to re-size the title to your taste. Big enough to be visible, but allow the negative space to show your video in the background if possible. Now choose the Layer Styles Palette by double clicking on the empty blue part of the layer icon in the layers palette.

layers style palette

Use this window to edit and further design your title to have it fit the theme and genre of your movie. There are so many special and 3D effects your can choose! Done?

Try using the brush and eraser tool on your new title- see what happens. Feel free to paint and carve into the title to further put your personal design into it.


Your Title animation must have each of the following effect used:

animated title

  1. opacity- fade in or fade out
  2. scale- objects get larger or smaller
  3. position- movement left to right or up and down
  4. rotation- create circular rotation on at least one object or text

Using the Type Tool in Photoshop, create and edit a title for your TV show or movie, then bring it into Premiere and animate it to tell the story. Be sure to use both the Layer Styles Palette (double click on the layer itself) and the Brush (B)and Eraser (E) tools.


Your Photoshop document will have 2 layers, one for the title, done using the layer styles palette- and one background layer- make sure the background layer is transparent!


Importing into Adobe Premiere

Open your Movie Trailer Project in Adobe Premiere. Choose File-Import and bring in the PSD you just made.  Once you have brought your title into Premiere, place it inside your timeline in the Video 2 track. Its default length is 5 seconds, but by clicking on its end and dragging you can extend its length to any desired time. Make this clip last at least 5-10 seconds.


Effects Controls- setting keyframes for your animations

Now click on the title track to be sure it is selected, then choose your Effects Controls tab in the Source Window directly above it. Animate your new title by having it fade in (Opacity) over the course of a few seconds, then move around on the screen (Position).

Adding 3D Effects

Now choose the Video Effects Tab in the lower left hand corner of your screen and click the small arrow to expand the menu. Now choose the folder called Generate, and again click the arrow to expand it. Choose one of the effects contained inside, the basic 3D then click it and drag it onto the title track, dropping it onto the clip. It looks as if nothing has happened, but if you look at the Effects Controls tab in the Source Window, a new effect has been added also called 3D.

Expand the controls by clicking the grey triangle next to the name 3D. Play around with the controls until the animation does what you want.  This 3D effect works just like any other animation for your title- very similar to the Position, Opacity, Rotation, and Scale versions you learned last semester.


Animated Title by Luis Galindo.

Add some 3D effects to your title, find the best place for it in your trailer.

Hit Enter to render your video and see a preview.

Now you have started creating your Movie Trailer!

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