Create Your Own Assignment

Digital Photo Pass

If you have turned in your last exercise (3 types of shots) on time, you will be given the choice to write and shoot your very own video project. Commercial? Music Video? Documentary? Mockumentary? TV Show? Interview? ????? Investigative Report? Comedy Skit? The possibilities are endless!

100 points

One week to complete (that’s 5 class days)

2-3 minutes in length

Uses 3 types of shots:

  1. establishing shot (25 points)
  2. trucking shot (25 points)
  3. matched action shot (25 points)

Uses transitions, video effects, animated titles. (25 points)

You can film with the class cameras, your cell phone, plus clips from the video resources folder on the server.

Export as Quicktime video (codec: Quicktime)

Save to Submit Folder called: Create – call it

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