StoryBoarding for Video- 25 points

kenneth_chan_storyboard001In the pre-planning stages of your movie trailer comes the important act of drawing storyboards. As the director of your trailer, you have to plan out each shot before you begin so that you can tell your actors what to say and do, have any costumes and props ready, and get the shots to work out the way you may see them in your head. Here is the basic workflow:

bubbl_Problem-video_v2Once you have the idea of your Trailer in your head, use the Storyboard to….


Now turn in your completed story board with all shots drawn, all cuts and transitions written out!



Here is the trailer pic for the scenes shot in the intro to the TV show Dexter.dexter title sequenceNow here is the shot list with the type and length of each shot in seconds.

dexter-plan-1Now turn in your completed storyboard (25 points) to me in order to check out a camera!

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