Video Exercise 1


This is the workspace for Adobe Premeire!

In this exercise students will use (3) three short video clips and their embedded audio to learn the interface and basics of Adobe Permiere Pro. Here is a basic introduction to importing, editing and exporting video on YouTube if you feel like you need to watch and hear this lesson.

Please start by watching all of the Tutorials I showed you on the server. You can find them here:

Tutorials Folder

Start by clicking on the Computer Icon on your desktop…

These tutorials are only 2-3 minutes long tops and they will teach you almost everything you need to know for the second semester.

Then go to and watch their seriies on Adobe Premiere- it is excellent!


Now you are ready to play around in Premiere!

Once in Premiere, choose a New Project. Entitle this Video Exercise 1. Make sure that you have created a brand new folder inside your name folder on the R drive to save this exercise inside.


Import the Traffic, Clock and Flight videos from the Exercise 1 folder, then preview them in the project window (see image below).


Click and drag all three into your timeline in the Video 1 slot, with the clock clip 1st, then the traffic clip, and the flight clip last.


Preview them by using the blue play head, or scrubber to watch you new composite video. Simply hit the space bar to watch the whole video at normal speed.

Now choose File-New- Title and we will create an intro Title that will fade in and out.


Choose the Type Tool from the upper left hand corner and type: “Leaving the City” then place it in the center of the screen. You can adjust its size by clicking on the number 100 at the top center of the window and dragging your cursor to the left to lower the opacity, or simply click on the number 100 and type in a new number to see the size.

Now use the selection tool (the small black arrow) in the top left of the title window to move you title to where you want it.

You can close the Title window when you are done, as Premiere will save this sequence as Intro (or whatever you titled it). Look in the program window at the top left and you will find it there, called Intro. Click and drag it into the Video 2 slot right above the Clock clip.

Now click and drag the Intro clip into the Source Monitor window which is located directly above the Timeline on the left side.


The blue video screen is the Source Monitor

Now open the Effects Controls window if it is not already open. Go to Window-Effects Controls. We will create a fade in and fade out for our new title that will play over the top of the Clock clip (like compositing in Photoshop).


Move the blue play head back to the beginning of the clip (the timeline and the time indicator in the bottom left will read 00:00:00:00 and you will click on the Opacity indicator and set it to zero by sliding the cursor to the left until it reads 00, or by clicking on the numbers to the right of the word “Opacity” and type in zero instead of 100.

Now move the play head to one or two seconds in to so we can add the fade in. At the one or two second mark, click the small circle which is the Add Keyframe button- located to the right of the Opacity controls, then slide the opacity back up to 100. You have just added a change or keyframe to let Premiere know that at this point in the clip, there will be a change. Move the play head to a spot about 1 second before the clip ends and add another keyframe (keeping the opacity at 100%). Now to finish, move the playhead to the very end of the Intro title clip and lower the Opacity again to zero for our fade out. Preview the Intro clip to be sure it works. You should be able to see the words “Leaving the City” fade in as the clock starts moving, then fade out as the clock clip ends and the traffic clip begins.

Now create another title, call it Credits by choosing File-New-Title and writing “Time to Fly..” in the new title window.

Place the Credit clip in the video 2 track at the end of the third video clip (the Flight clip). Set the Opacity so that this credit fades out around 5 seconds into the clip, right where it ends.

Save this Exercise as E01LastFirst

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