Art Department (Movie) Posters

Watch this vid to see how this poster was made!

Students will get the chance to design and produce posters for each class offered by the Art Department, as well as a poster with all course offerings in one. You may use movie posters as inspiration! The winning posters will be chosen by the Art department and put up all over campus.

Watch this video on designing a great movie poster first!


Poster by Desiree Rodriguez

Your posters will be part drawing, part photograph, and part Type. The art and science of using type is called: Typography is the art and technique of arranging, designing and modifying type in order to make language visible.

Here is what you will create:

  1. Poster for all the course offerings here at CI High
  2. Poster for Visual Art
  3. Poster for Painting
  4. Poster for Illustration
  5. Poster for 3D Art (sculpture)
  6. Poster for AP Art
  7. Poster for Digital Photography
  8. Poster for Multimedia

Poster by Matt Willyerd

All of the text, pictures, designs, and drawing you will design and take yourself! Here is a list of materials that you should gather in the first week of your project:

  • written descriptions of these classes (adapt from the course descriptions on our website) saved in word documents.
  • photos of students*/teachers/classrooms/artwork taken by you (*- do not photograph student faces w/o getting written permission – see me)
  • pencil drawings of the new class and dept. “logo” for the project you have chosen

Poster by Michelle Santos

To start, create a new folder inside your student folder on the “R” drive. To do this, right-click the empty background inside your folder and choose New – Folder from the pop up menu. Call this folder “Project 1” and start saving all files to this folder for this project.

When you make and scan drawings for this project, save the originals inside this folder. If you take photographs for this project, save the originals in this folder.

Imagine a poster for the Art Department that uses a picture of Mr. Cardinez instead of the photo of Scarface… where would you place your text?

Start by creating a new document (Control + N) in Photoshop. Make the resolution 300 DPI and the document size 18 inches by 24 inches, either portrait or landscape format.

Now that you have started looking at that blank image, start thinking about which poster you wish to make and how you will make it. It needs to have some basic information on it, like:

  • a title (does it always need a title?)- name of the course or department
  • description of the course or the whole department (take it from the school’s website) or interview a teacher
  • photos of students working in or out of class (no faces w/o permission)
  • photos of student work from this class
  • photos of the teacher?
  • drawings of what they do in this class

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