Semester One Final: CIHS Campus Posters

verdin copy

Combine a photo (or photos), the Type tool, and some painting skills to design a Poster for our Campus!

How do you increase awareness of certain ideas that you wish to promote here at CI? How can you attract and keep an audience to communicate an important message? How would you get the attention of students? Students will design posters for each of the school’s four concepts of:

  1. Community
  2. Integrity
  3. Honor Self and Others
  4. social Responsibility



Each student will be assigned a poster “concept” based on thier previous work in class.


The posters must include the following parts:

  • photo of student(s) or teacher(s) or staff – edited in Photoshop
  • photo of campus landmark (for background)
  • interactive Title (Community, Integrity, Honor, Social Responsibility)
  • Tagline- text explaining the concept to audience

Kozin points copy

Finished? Grade yourself using multimediasemster1-final-grading-rubric and turn the completed rubric into the Folder on the server labeled RubricLastFirst

Check out this student example from the web portfolio he made last year.

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