Client Website


Your homepage should be well organized, with easy to read navigation to the rest of the content on your site. Colorful, but not flashy or over the top.

Students will find a client on campus in the form of a club, teacher, team, department, or organization/ staff member. First meet with the client and fill out this Client Website Questionnaire form to get all the info you need to be successful. They will design and create a weebly website for this client that satisfies the following requirements:

  1. Home page with a Title created in Photoshop using the Type Mask Tool
  2. Home page with  an image edited and designed in Photoshop that represents the Client
  3. Home page with a description of the team, staff member, organization, or club
  4. Home page with working links to at least 6 other pages
  5. Mission Statement or About Me page to introduce the staff member or organization/club- w pics
  6. Page for each class that the person teaches with photos of student work, classroom, members of team or club
  7. If you are doing a site for a team or group, be sure to have lots of action photos and/or links to video.
  8. At least one gallery or slide show page with at least 10 photos
  9. A contact page with the client’s full contact information: email address, phone #(if they want)

Once you have chosen your client, get the following things from them right away:

  • photos- they may have pics they can send or give you
  • class description or syllabus
  • club description (write up) or mission statement
  • assignments/events/volunteer work they would like on their site
  • links to videos or online material


This Project is due Thursday the 20th of December, so go to the bottom of this page, and leave a comment below giving me the URL (address) of your client website so that I can grade it! This project is worth 100 points, so make sure that you have all the requirements.

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