Project 2: Digital Photo to Painting – P02LastFirst.psd


The before and after of the Movie poster “the Lovely Bones” . Art by Daisy Naveja.

After getting some experience converting their drawings into digital paintings, now students will try their hands at making digital illustrations from a photo of themselves. These poster style images will be used to teach others about our school’s concepts of Community, Integrity, Honor, and Social Responsibility.




Students will begin by converting a photograph of them into Line Art.


=We will convert the original photo into a new image made up of only Line Art. Make sure you save the original photo…

Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop and choose Filter-Sharpen-Unsharp Mask. Watch how this cleans up the image and makes it much clearer, the edges much sharper!


Filter-Sharpen-Unsharp Mask

Clean up the image by adjusting the sliders until it appears cleaner and sharper to your eye. Now choose Filter-Artistic-Poster Edges.

side by sideversionstep2

Look at the new version of the photo after applying the Filter called Poster Edges.

Adjust the sliders until the edges of your photo look sharper with thin black lines adding that “posterize”effect.

Here is an example of the steps from photo to line art…

Step One: Original Photo


Step Two: Remove background and Posterize!


Step Three: Remove color with the PhotoCopy Filter


Now use the Filter- Sketch- Photocopy (or Filter- Notepaper) to remove all the remaining color from the image.

Now it will take you some time working with the brush tool to fill in any gaps in your lines, plus the eraser tool to remove any grey spots or fuzz. Your image will look like this:

before and aftermachine gun4web


Student Art by Oliver Juarez

Now begin to paint the image layer by layer. Create a title using the Type Tool. Paint an environment for the background. Integrity

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