“Ken Burns” Style Animation


Creating animation from still images in the style of Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns is all about two kinds of motion: panning and zooming. Panning is the right to left or left to right motion of the camera or screen, while zooming is the increase in size and focus on one part of an image, moving in or out.

Check out this amazing video of the Ken Burns effect using layered images, combined with panning and zooming to create a distinctly powerful storytelling style using still images instead of video.


The animation starts with us seeing the entire image, then zooms in on the red rectangle.

Now watch this 60 second tutorial on how to create this animation on Adobe Premiere.


The green rectangle is the starting point, the red one is the end point.

Now create a new folder inside your student folder on the “R” Drive – call it Semester One Portfolio. Save copies of all of your student work as JPEG’s inside this folder before you begin. This will be the source for your portfolio project, all of the work you have made this year will be animated using the Ken Burns style of animation in Adobe Premiere.

Open Abobe Photoshop and create a Multimedia Portfolio title like this with a transparent background:Portfolio Title copy

Save this title in the same folder as a PSD, then import it into Adobe Premiere as you create a new project. make sure the settings are for DV (Digital Video) – NTSC (National Television Standard ect) at widescreen 48 Khz.

Import all of your work from semester one into the same folder, then begin work on your project.


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