Personal Website Project- Weebly


Basic web design is about creating and organizing a site that works for you and your audience. Please remember that as a student here at CI, you have all signed an Acceptable Use agreement that does not allow you complete freedom to do whatever you want online. I am required to protect you on the web as your teacher, so limit the amount of personal information that you reveal on your site. Please choose your pics carefully (no full face pics or risqué photos) if you include personal photos. Leave out any info such as your personal email address, street address, and no phone numbers. You will start by creating your own personal Weebly ( to show all of the work we have created so far. Here are the basic requirements for your 1st personal website:


Web title example

  1. Homepage with A. Title-made in Photoshop, B. Graphic-made in Photoshop, and C. links to all of your other pages (600 or 800 pixels in Width, 200 pixels High)
  2. About Me page with a basic description of you.
  3. A Contact page with your email address (your school, not personal) and a comment form to get feedback from your peers!
  4. Portfolio page with uploaded gallery/slideshow of all your work
  5. A separate page for each exercise and project complete with a description of the work which is:

-Exercise One (digital painting)


-Project One (Movie Poster!)


Want to see the finished product with all the requirements? Check out a student Weebly here

Read these article on basic web design , and this one on “good” web building,  then finally check out these 30 great examples of web design. These will give you some idea of how to start thinking about good web design.


Please remember that you will be graded and evaluated on this site, so do not include any content or links that are unacceptable at school. Here are the conditions that must be met for a PASSING GRADE on this project:

  • Homepage- Title made in Photoshop using the Type tool- (optimized)
  • Homepage- Graphic made in Photoshop using any tools you choose- (optimized)
  • Homepage- Basic written introduction and description of your site’s purpose
  • Homepage- functioning links to all seven other pages on your site
  • New Pages (2 exercises , 2 projects) for each assignment with both an image (optimized) of the assignment and a description of the work. Please inlcude the Before and After images of your work!

Your completed website is worth 100 points! When finished you turn in your work by leaving a comment (a link to your site) at the bottom of this page for me to visit and evaluate your site!

13 Responses to Personal Website Project- Weebly

  1. Priscilla Medina says:

    My Personal Weebly –

  2. Stephanie Amador says:

  3. christian skau says:

    At first i thought that making a website was tedious then i started to work on it and i actually had a lot of fun doing it. it was wierd to think that it would have been useful but i was just being stubborn. all in all i liked this project and ill probably be using weebly a lot.

  4. harold says:

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