Title Sequence (Trailer) Project

What does a trailer do? It sells tickets! It gets your audience excited to see your Movie.

Think of how excited you get when the trailer to that new action movie comes out. You watch it over and over, getting little bits of information about the movie without having the whole plot given away. Now you will create your own movie trailer, getting your audience to be hooked to see more. We learn a little about 1.the main characters, 2.what the movie is about (the plot), and 3.where the problem or conflict or drama is.

For the our first video project, students will make a two minute video trailer for one of the following: 1. Their favorite TV show or 2. Their favorite Movie or 3. a made up new TV show or Movie.

Here is the entire Title Sequence on Vimeo’s website.

Here is the entire Title Sequence on YouTube.

Here is a student made parody of the Title Sequence.

Each student will plan, shoot, edit and produce a movie trailer!

Here is ex-CI student Abe Muro’s visionary masterpiece:

Here are the requirements for your semester one final project.

  • Open with a standard Trailer Green Screen MPAA image (5 seconds max)
  • 1:30 of the total 2-3 minutes of video shot by you for this project
  • 30 seconds of clips from Web max, no old stuff- use this link to get video from YouTube
  • 3 minutes maximum length, 2 minutes minimum
  • Music may be “borrowed”
  • Animated Title created in Photoshop (see below)
  • At least five (5) different video segments (clips)
  • Include  an a. establishing shot, b. matched action, c. trucking or panning shot, & d. full body shot, & e. close up or extreme close up
  • At least three (3) different text inserts- animated text made in Premiere (or Titles made in Photoshop if you wish)
  • Transitions between all clips
  • Credits that stay on the screen for 2-3 seconds -Director’s name, actors names, etc
  • Exported and turned in as H.264 and saved inside your student folder as FinalLastFirst.mp4 so I can find & open it to play it for your classmates!

Your trailer must have an animated title- you already created this in our last exercise.

Here is the process you will follow to complete this project:

storyboard_template best

Use a storyboard to plan your shots!

  1. Choose Movie or TV show (or make one up)
  2. Storyboard (25 pts) using template to plan all your shots
  3. Create a new folder inside your student folder on the Server called “Final”
  4. Shoot the video (with some extra shots just in case) so that you have about 5-10 minutes of raw footage (50 pts). You will have two weeks to shoot all footage. Starting 5/2- ending 5/19 (the first 2 weeks in May)
  5. Save all of your Raw Footage (50 pts) into a  “Raw Video” folder so I can check it and grade you by May 12th
  6. Capture (transfer) the video to your hard drive (your folder on the R drive)
  7. Build your video by selecting, trimming, and adding clips to the timeline in your project
  8. Place transitions between clips, apply video effects to clips, and composite (layer) clips
  9. Create an Animated Title (50 pts) in Photoshop & save it as a PNG
  10. Create titles and animated graphics and apply them to your project (find templates in Resources Folder)
  11. Add the MPAA green rating preview (find online- see below)
  12. Add audio- narration or music
  13. Add rolling credits OR a credits image to the end of your trailer (find online-see below)
  14. Export your finished project as a H.264 video, calling it TrailerLastFirst (200 pts) and save it to your folder for us to watch!

Create your own movie trailer and export it as a movie!
Student art by Abraham Muro


Download and edit an MPAA ratings screen fro YOUR trailer!



Download and edit, remove all the names and replace them w the names of your film crew & actors!

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