Mystery Mural Contest 2015

Any staff member may vote for their choice, the winning class gets a pizza party! Voting closes this Wednesday the 15th of April.

Congratulations to Period One for assembling and delivering their Mural to Antoine! They are the winners with 33 votes!

31 Responses to Mystery Mural Contest 2015

  1. Vote here if you are a member of CIHS staff, voting is open til Wednesday the 15th of April!

  2. Nancy Merrick says:

    They are all great, but since I have to choose one: Antoine

  3. Shirley Moore Fernandez says:

    All of the kids did a great job, but I’m going to have to vote for zero period. Mr. Garcia’s picture is pretty impressive.

  4. Kathleen Cressy says:

    Antoine –

  5. S. Galvan says:

    Period four!

  6. Adrian Garcia says:

    Although Antoine’s mural is pretty awesome… Im going to have to agree with Shirley! Period Zero all the way 🙂

  7. Brett Zielsdorf says:

    Per 1-Antoinne!

  8. Elsa Phillip says:

    Period One

  9. Elsa Phillip says:

    Great Job!

  10. Trevor R. says:

    Antoine! (Period 1). No bias, of course 🙂

  11. carol schoenmann says:


  12. Elise Harrell says:

    I have to go with Antoine!

  13. Santa says:


  14. Manny L. says:


  15. Jackie Hamer says:

    Since this is about the art and not the person in the mural, I vote for Per 4; they caught the essence of Susan’s personality. Jackie Hamer

  16. Gary Porter Sr says:

    Class One…Antoine

  17. Chantal P. Nurse says:

    They are all great, but I really like period one. The choice of colors are awesome!

  18. Lord Kelvin says:

    Mr. Corona. look at that hairline

  19. Faviola Kineg says:

    Period one: Antoine

  20. Mary S says:

    Period Zero

  21. Michel Lara says:

    Going to go with the black and white look. Zero period.

  22. mpidduck says:

    Wonderful work, kids! But my vote goes to Antoine’s mural.

  23. Diana Veronica says:

    Antoine 🙂

  24. Brittani Tkacz says:

    Period 1 – Antoine

  25. Lauren Rogers says:

    Period 5, Mr. Corona

  26. P. Prum says:

    Period- 1 Antoine

  27. mrs. friddle. says:

    i vote for period one

  28. Sam "Mr." Kochel says:

    Period Zero

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